20-year-old Coast Guardsman overcomes cancer in only one month

When Derek LeCompte was only 20 years old, he was diagnosed with an early stage of Testicular Cancer. In 2014, LeCompte discovered an unusual bump that he immediately got checked out by a doctor. Sure enough, LeCompte, who is a member of the United States Coast Guard, received life changing news. LeCompte is of a family of five, with two siblings and happily married parents. At the time he was diagnosed, he was also dating a young woman with whom he had been with for a few years by then. When asked how his diagnosis affected these relationships, LeCompte said, … Continue reading 20-year-old Coast Guardsman overcomes cancer in only one month

13 Troopers participate in Drug Recognition certification course

Louisiana State Police is holding a Drug Recognition certification class this week at LSP Headquarters in Baton Rouge. As a Drug Recognition Expert, an officer is specially trained to conduct an examination on a person to determine if the person is impaired and, if so, whether the impairment is caused by drug use or by a medical condition. Once the examination is completed the DRE is able to determine which drug category or categories the person has used. Trooper Kenny LaMulle is one of 13 officers taking the class this week. These officers believe this course will make them better … Continue reading 13 Troopers participate in Drug Recognition certification course

Donald Trump on gun control

Donald Trump exhibits unwavering support of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. His reasoning is simple: Americans should continue to have the right to protect themselves. According to Inside Gov and Deseret News, Illinois and Maryland are within the top ten states that have the strictest gun laws. The recent shootings in Chicago and Baltimore show that even more gun laws will not prevent these tragic events.  Trump believes he can help this issue by improving the mental health programs and prevent the mentally ill from obtaining guns. Taking away a right from American citizens is unconstitutional. When Trump becomes … Continue reading Donald Trump on gun control

A “Mild-Liberal’s” view on abortion

Kelly Ward, 20, refers to America as the “Land of the Free” when talking about her pro-choice views. She calls herself a “mild-liberal”, explaining that she has her beliefs but doesn’t try to shove them in people’s faces. Like many other people in America, Ward believes a woman has the rights to her own body and those right should be legal. She spoke about reading incidents where women had to choose abortion because of possible death to herself or the unborn baby. Ward also acknowledges that abortion, especially when based on non-life-or-death situations, is an extremely controversial subject. She was even … Continue reading A “Mild-Liberal’s” view on abortion

Florida Gators football team accused of mocking death of LSU’s live mascot

University of Florida players’ picture with a cat skeleton went viral when Louisiana State University fans became extremely offended. LSU fans assumed the Gators were making fun of the death of Mike VI, LSU’s live tiger mascot. When approached with the issue, UF officials stated that it was in no way affiliated with LSU or any other school, and that it was only a halloween prop thrown to the players by fans in the stands. LSU fans are arguing that the timing is all too coincidental, and that the cat in the photo is wearing purple and gold beads, LSU’s school … Continue reading Florida Gators football team accused of mocking death of LSU’s live mascot

What were people really saying about summer 2016 in Baton Rouge?

On Monday, Lance Porter, director of the LSU Social Media Analysis & Creation Lab, spoke about the reaction on social media to the events in Baton Rouge during summer 2016. Porter examined national vs. local social media volume and opinion, the top influences and hashtags, and the dominant emotions as the events occurred. Porter believes his lecture and the research from the SMAC Lab will help residents heal as a city and have a better understanding as a society. He said SMAC functions by “looking at the creation part” and the database “helps us engage civically.” The SMAC Lab is … Continue reading What were people really saying about summer 2016 in Baton Rouge?

Two States’ Voter Registration Systems Hacked

The FBI has evidence that hackers invaded two state election databases in the last few weeks.The Bureau has warned election officials across the nation to go to greater lengths to strengthen their computer system security. The FBI warning contained in a “flash” alert from FBI’s Cyber Division comes along with intense concerns among US intelligence officials about the possibility of cyber-intrusions. These intrusions are suspected to be by Russian state-sponsored hackers. The disturbances are intended to disturb the upcoming November elections. Jeh Johnson, with Homeland Security, had a conference call with state elections officials on August 15th, 2016. Johnson offered … Continue reading Two States’ Voter Registration Systems Hacked