The Tainted Mirror of News Media

The United States has absorbed the immediate shock–and now must face the aftermath–of the 2016 presidential election. A myriad of questions now runs through the collective consciousness of the American people: What happens next? Where do we go from here? How much constitutional and social change can we expect over the next four years? The nation appears divided between supporters of President-elect Donald Trump, and those who continue to stand firm in their support of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Much of the news media coverage misleadingly presented this duality between the two candidates, as it does with every election. Polarizing … Continue reading The Tainted Mirror of News Media

The Dirty Business of America’s New Energy

In the early hours of the morning on November 9th, 2016, a heavy grey sky lay over Baton Rouge, Louisiana, not unlike other cities across the United States. Donald Trump–a man who plans to defund the Obama Administration’s efforts with the Environmental Protection Agency, remove the United States from the Paris Climate Treaty, and actively denies global warming–will soon hold the highest position of political power in the United States. Investments in coal, oil, and other emissive energy markets soared after the results of the election came in. While news media outlets focused their attention on the immediate aftermath of the election … Continue reading The Dirty Business of America’s New Energy

LSU School of Music’s Upcoming Holiday Season

LSU has a nationally-ranked school of music, and many students–both music and non-music majors–will perform in various upcoming holiday choral concerts. Doctor Trey Davis, Associate Director of Choral Studies and Assistant Professor of Music, says that the fall semester–particularly towards the end of the school year–provides many opportunities for the LSU community to get involved with the music program. Davis noted some differences between choral performances in the fall and spring semesters, saying, “Our fall semester tends to be much more busy…there is more variety.” Later on, he mentioned the myriad of genres that audience members can expect to hear … Continue reading LSU School of Music’s Upcoming Holiday Season

What does “The Next America” look like?

This was the essential question of speaker Paul Taylor, current senior fellow at Pew Research Center, who visited LSU on Tuesday afternoon. His presentation, “The Next America,” was one part of a symposium titled “Moment or Movement: A National Dialogue on Identity, Empowerment and Justice for All.” His lecture, presented in the Woods Auditorium in LSU’s Energy, Coast, & Environment building, focused on demographic trends and changes in the United States. The three major demographic categories Taylor explored in his presentation were race, gender, and age, as well as their intersectionality. He began with race, saying that the country is … Continue reading What does “The Next America” look like?

Plastic Excise Tax to Harm Economy?

Indonesia’s processed food and beverage industry, a recently upward-trending sector of the economy, may be in danger due to a suggested excise tax. The measure, proposed by the Indonesian government earlier this year, would add a minuscule amount, approximately equal to $0.02 in US dollars, to foods and beverages wrapped in plastic. Environmentalists the world over have long pushed for leaders in the food industry to enforce measures to reduce their environmental harm, and this new tax may give these leaders an opportunity to adjust manufacturing processes.  Indonesia as a whole is frequently credited with its potential for great economic success. … Continue reading Plastic Excise Tax to Harm Economy?