Teen Remembers Father after Tragic Death

Hughes Lowrance III was only 14 years old when he remembers his mom and family members called him into a side room, and closed the door behind him.

He was sat down on the couch next to his 9-year-old brother. His mother could barely utter a single word before tears began to stream down her face. She begins to inform them, “Big Hughes has died.” ‘Big Hughes’ being what they called Hughes III’s father.

There were lots of thoughts going through Hughes’ head, recalling “I was shocked… I was really shocked. And I was really sad.” To realize that you’d never see your father again came with a tsunami of emotions that made him numb.

About two years passed, and Hughes learned that his father had died by committing suicide. He remembers that he “was angry. I was just angry.” He was angry with his dad. He was angry because he knew his father chose to leave him.

Hughes became depressed after this. His father was someone who he looked up to immensely his entire life. Having to lose your best friend, your father, to something such as suicide was world-shattering. The worst part is knowing that one couldn’t even begin to comprehend the pain ‘Big Hughes’ was feeling at the time.

Since then, Hughes says he has forgiven his father. He hopes that his father is in a better place. Hughes (III) was named after his father, and has grown up to look close to an exact replica of him.

If you ask anyone who knew ‘Big Hughes’, they’d tell you the love he had for the outdoors, especially hunting and fishing. Some of Hughes’ (III) favorite memories include the ones of them hunting together, his favorite one of him shooting his first deer.

But no matter how much time passes, it never gets any easier. He admits, “Life has been hard. It’s been very difficult without him.”

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