Celebration in the Oaks Celebrates 30 years

Celebration in the Oaks Celebrates 30 years


Nov. 25, 2016 

NEW ORLEANS, La., Nov. 25, 2016 – New Orleans City Park will be hosting the annual Celebration in the Oaks beginning on November 25th. This year’s celebration will mark the 30th anniversary of the anticipated event. Each year, most of the 25 acres of the park, including its three divisions, are decorated with Christmas lights. The lights illuminate the scenery and walkways, as well as provide entertainment with the events many animated displays.

The elaborate decorations require eight months of preparation, and uses 558,350 LED bulbs. The dreamy effect of the lights transform the park’s Botanical Garden into a glowing forest, with lit pathways and perfectly placed lights. In the park’s Storyland, popular children’s stories come to life and provide a magical world for children to run and play in, as well as marvel at the decorations. Carousel Gardens, featuring amusement rides including the park’s historic carousel is turned into a winter wonderland.

Celebration in the Oaks carries many traditions within itself as well, including the local favorite, Mr. Bingle.

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Celebration in the Oaks was initially created as a fundraising event to support the growth of the Botanical Garden. The idea first came from a member of the committee who started draping lights from the park’s sprawling oak trees. With little success in it’s first few years, it took the attention of a member of the news and from there, propelled forward.

The event begins on Nov. 25, 2016 and lasts until Jan. 1, 2017. Tickets can be purchased both at the event and here online, and read about events going on here.

You can also learn more about the history of Celebration in the Oaks here.

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