No Longer Feeling Blue About Blu Spero

This past Friday, Nov. 11, a local boutique, previously known as Apricot Lane, made its Fall debut as Blu Spero at the Tin Roof Fest in Baton Rouge, La. The Tin Roof Brewing Company held the event in order for a variety of nearby vendors and businesses to advertise and create their own pop-up shops for the community to explore. Fortunately, it was a wild success for Blu Spero, according to Brittany Sharp, a sales associate of Glo Sun Spawhose pop-up tent neighbored the boutique’s.

Sharp said, “Apricot Lane is my favorite. It’s always affordable and you never see the same styles anywhere else, so you know they’re always updating their merchandise, which I love.” She paused, “I was really nervous when I heard they were re-branding, but I got really excited to see that their tent was next to ours, so I could sneak over and check out their new stuff.”

Being that the boutique is a “fan favorite”, its re-branding has left many in question, wondering if their go-to clothing store will still be as trendy and unique as before. The popularity of it’s former company holds the new one to a very high standard.

“I wondered if they would be changing their image at all, or if they’d start carrying different brands than usual,” said Sharp, “but after spending most of my time tonight trying on basically their entire new collection, I would say they are still up to par.”

Having a new name will be difficult for some to cope with, but with the new name also comes changes within the brand itself and one of those is the price and affordability of the merchandise.

Sharp said that she noticed that there was a slight decrease in the price of a typical top that normally runs for forty-five to fifty dollars. She glanced at the tag and it was only thirty-five dollars. “At first I thought it might have been a discounted price because of the pop up sale, but I didn’t see a mark-down on the tag. So I asked the sales girl and she told me that they weren’t running any promotions on the items I showed her. I guess this is the new norm.”

Although the new logo brought on a lot of talk and apprehension, the company is clearly interested in expanding its horizon. It looks like they are exploring new price ranges, yet managing to maintain the same styles as before, which will be a nice surprise for many.

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