Lost in the lone star state

Two LSU students became stranded in Houston, Texas while in town for an Adele concert Nov. 9. Sydney Johnston and Sophie Millet unexpectedly found themselves in a strange area with no car, no cell service, and no sense of direction.

The two friends ventured to Houston in celebration of Johnston’s 19th birthday. Johnston’s parents decided to buy her concert tickets to see her favorite performer, Adele. What they hadn’t intended; however, was for their daughter to get lost in an unfamiliar city so far from their home in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Johnston and Millet left the safety of their hotel to walk to the Texas Toyota Center, the concert venue. Along the route, they took a wrong turn and wound up in an unfamiliar area. The girls tried to map their location, but found their cell phones had no signal.

The longer they wandered, the darker the city became. The two girls began to panic after about 15 minutes of searching for the concert venue. Suddenly a stranger began to approach the panicked girls.

Millet said, “I remember grabbing Sydney’s hand as this very large man approached us. I didn’t know what he wanted.” To the girls’ surprise, the man greeted them warmly saying, “Someone’s always lost in the lone star state. How can I help?”

Relieved, Johnston and Millet asked the stranger for directions to the Texas Toyota Center. The man gave the girls directions and offered to walk with them due to how dark it had become. Although appreciative of the offer, the girls politely declined, as the venue was only a few blocks away.

Fortunately, the girls made it to the Adele concert on time. Johnston laughed off the experience saying, “Sometimes, things don’t go quite as planned. But it’s an experience I can learn from, and one I’ll never forget.”

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