Kicking Off a Career – A Lightning Round of Advice

This past Wednesday, on November 2, Louisiana State University held the Sports Communication Summit, hosted by the Reilly Center for Media and Public Affairs.

The program included a series of guest speakers who covered a wide range of topics exploring the dynamic relationship between media, sports and its relationship to mass communication.

In the “Kicking Off a Career – A Lightning Round of Advice” segment of the program, attendees heard LSU graduates, Katherine Terrell and Kelsey Wingert.

Terrell, class of ’12, is a Bengals reporter for ESPN’s NFL nation, while Wingert, class of ’14, is a field reporter and host for the Braves on Fox Sports. The women described the challenges they encounter as women in a male dominate field. They discussed how they had to prove themselves capable of holding their positions by working hard and demonstrating an astute comprehension of the sport of football.

Despite the challenges these women face regarding their gender, each described her job as a dream. “This is a wonderful job, I get to travel all over the nation and constantly meet new people,” said Terrell. The women recognized all the opportunities their jobs give them, and how motivated they are to be the best they can be. Although being on the top isn’t all “sunshine and rainbows,” admitted Wingert. “You can be one of the best reporters on the sidelines, and some people are going to hate you for it,” said Wingert, “In such a competitive field, it’s important to always work hard, and give the best coverage I can provide.”

Today, Terrell and Wingert continue to defy the odds, as they have become successful women sports reporters. They encouraged women to work in whatever field they are drawn too, even if it’s not an occupation that is dominated by women.

The event was held in the LSU Journalism Building. Admission to the event was free and open to the public.

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