LSU’s Election Night Viewing Party

Every hour counts during the night of a presidential election.

The Manship School of Mass Communication hosted an “Election Night Viewing Party” where Political experts discussed the events of the election night while it was happening.

Roger Hadfield Ogden, from the Honors College here at LSU spoke about how each state’s final vote will be published and the reasons why we cannot tell whom the winner will be until late into the night.

Hadfield started of by presenting how news organizations present the information, “They are trapped in a room and they don’t have cell phones, or Internet; the only thing they have are election results.”

Hadfield then added the importance of waiting for all results to be in before releasing any news, “No news organization is going to call a state before the polls close across the entire state. They called Florida for Al Gore before the polls closed in the pan handle and there were accusations that people didn’t go vote in the pan handle because the state had already been called.”

Next, Hadfield discussed how the early polls could make a major turn around later in the night, “We have 51 presidential elections, they count the votes at different speeds. Florida and North Carolina are going to count their votes relatively quickly because they mainly rely on early voting and so the votes are already in.”

California is a major determining factor in an election. During the Obama- Romney election, Obama lost in the popular vote because California was not counted yet. Hadfield stated, “At 3 a.m. he was up by 1.1 points, a very close election, he won the election by 3.9. It is because democratic cities count very slowly. They tend to be bigger states like New York and California so it takes a while. So do not be surprised if the election is called for Hilary Clinton but she is loosing on the popular vote.”

Lastly, Hadfield discussed the importance of winning over big cities, “If Hillary Clinton is going to win states like Florida, North Carolina, Ohio; she going to need to run up the score in the big cities. She is going to need to win Miami big, need to win Orlando big, and at least hold her own in Tampa and St. Petersburg and same thing in these other cities.”


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