St. Joseph’s Academy Now Has a New Color to Represent

St. Joseph’s Academy is a local all-girls high school that has recently been named a 2016 National Blue Ribbon School for the fourth time since its establishment in 1868. A 2015 graduate and newfound staff member of St. Joseph’s Academy, Caroline Wright, gave her reflection on the school’s award on Sept. 28 and her experience of the academy following her graduation.

“There have been a lot of changes here as far as having a new principal, and obviously the change is good”, said Wright in regards to her past attendance at the high school, in which the following year, the school announced a new leader, Dr. Michele Lambert. “I believe change is necessary, though, in order for the students to grow in their education and find themselves more personally.”

According to the U.S. Department of Education, only 50 private schools were awarded in 2016. Making St. Joseph’s Academy a prestigious recipient this year, being that their last award history was in 2002. So, among the years that Wright was a student, the academy had not been recognized. This draws some curiosity in the new leadership, where she said, “I do believe that this new leadership and the overall environment where the focus is on the empowerment of women has sparked some new growth for the school, and it’s amazing to have that recognized so soon.”

The recipients of The National Blue Ribbon award is based on the hard work of students, educators, families, and communities in creating safe and welcoming schools where students master challenging content, according to the U.S. department of education. With that being said, it is quite an honor to hear that the high school she attended and the students she works with personally exemplify all of these qualities.

“We were called into a faculty meeting that morning and they handed out blue beads and pompoms as we were told the news. We second-lined through the gym to announce to the students that we were named a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.”

It is obvious due to the award and by the statements Wright has made that St. Joseph’s Academy is uniquely making its mark by providing an overwhelming amount of opportunities for their girls to grow into remarkable young women.

Below is a video posted on the St. Joseph’s Academy FaceBook page the day of the announcement:


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