LSU School of Music’s Upcoming Holiday Season

LSU has a nationally-ranked school of music, and many students–both music and non-music majors–will perform in various upcoming holiday choral concerts. Doctor Trey Davis, Associate Director of Choral Studies and Assistant Professor of Music, says that the fall semester–particularly towards the end of the school year–provides many opportunities for the LSU community to get involved with the music program.

Davis noted some differences between choral performances in the fall and spring semesters, saying, “Our fall semester tends to be much more busy…there is more variety.”

Later on, he mentioned the myriad of genres that audience members can expect to hear at the upcoming Interfaith Thanksgiving concert on November 22nd, such as Jewish, Christian, and gospel music.

This service features not only a variety of musical styles, but a variety of written word pieces as well. “Scripture readings, poetry, special meditations [and possibly] a sermon” are all being featured.

A running theme throughout this fall semester that will continue in the Interfaith service is “choral music about nature and finding peace in nature.” One song in particular that the Women’s Chorale will perform at the service, titled “The Peace of Wild Things,” represents this idea of serenity in the natural world.  

Davis makes a point to be inclusive and diverse in the kinds of music performed by the Tiger Glee Club and the Women’s Chorale, the two choirs he directs. For example, he chooses pieces from the 20th and 21st centuries, which often are written and conducted by living, modern composers.

“[Another] one of the things I try to do is feature female composers. That’s really important to me,” he said, adding that “the proportion is a little out of whack, historically.”

Davis works alongside Doctor John Dickson, Director of Choral Studies and director of the A Capella Choir here at LSU. Davis mentioned that while all of the choirs feature a wide variety of styles in their performances, “Doctor Dickson is an English choral music specialist…a lot of their concerts have a little bit of an English flavor.”

Towards the end of every fall semester, typically the first week of December, all of the students involved with the School of Music come together for the Candlelight Concert, which will be on December 3rd this year. Music by popular British composers such as Gerald Finzi and Vaughn Williams will be performed.

Davis, as well as many other professors and students involved in the LSU School of Music rightfully praise the program for being remarkably diverse and multifaceted in the variety of performances put together throughout the school year. There are many opportunities, both this semester and next, to experience LSU’s School of Music and the wonderful programs they perform.

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