LSU freshman believes being a sorority woman is life-changing and uplifting

Delta Delta Delta Bid Day 2016

Sorority life for LSU freshman, Elle von Heimburg, means more than just parties and boys. To her, being a sorority woman is being a part of something bigger than herself.

Von Heimburg has recently been initiated into Delta Delta Delta and is starting to adjust to sorority life. Even though a sorority does not make her superior to her peers, it does make her more susceptible to parties, boys and more parties. To von Heimburg being in Delta Delta Delta means way more than those things.

“Being in a sorority means that I will always have sisters to help me out with whatever I’m going through and I know I will always have someone there for me. So far, this journey has been life-changing and uplifting in my college life.”

The history of sorority life originally started as women discussing literature and other current events. Later, near the end of the nineteenth century, these groups created deep relationships, started traditions and shared values with each other. Today, these traditions are still relevant within each sorority and continue to grow.

“Sororities teach us good values to have in life,” von Heimburg says, “and they can open many different opportunities for us in the future.”

Delta Delta Delta’s motto of having a perpetual bond of friendship is carried throughout each member. Those that are a part of Delta Delta Delta share their kindness and love to one another and many of the members, including von Heimburg, believe that their motto describes exactly what Delta Delta Delta stands for.

Sorority life is popular and strongly advocated for by among many college women. Many women believe that having sisters who truly care about you is worth more than any party. Von Heimburg fits in one last thought. “I think sororities change lives and to be a part of something so great means so much to me.”

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