Be The Match

With just a few simple swipes of the mouth, someone’s life could be saved.

LSU is participating in the nationwide cause “Be The Match” where people in the community can be added to the registry to provide bone marrow to patients with cancers such as leukemia. Just a simple cheek swab can determine if you are someone’s match.

Keighley Kelley, a student here at LSU, is proudly volunteering for this event in honor of a close childhood friend of hers. Kelley said, “I decided to volunteer for this event because a childhood friend of mine was diagnosed with leukemia when we were 10, and he didn’t receive a match in time.”

Kelley described the training process as, “Super easy and done in under 10 minutes, anyone can get involved!”

The entire SEC, along with Greek life here at LSU is getting involved in competitions to promote becoming a donor. Kelley described the competition as a way for everyone to get involved with some friendly competition, “LSU is participating in the Be the Match SEC competition, which is between all of the states to see who can get the most new donors registered. Within the SEC competition the sororities and fraternities are having a competition to see who can get the most sign ups from each chapter.”

Kelley stated how rewarding it was to become a volunteer of this organization, “Hopefully by helping I will be able to get more people involved so those with cancer will have a match. It only takes a little of my time compared to the pain and suffering they are going through, so I’m happy to help.”

Many of the students here on campus were also eager to be apart of the event. Alexandra Medina stated, “This is a really unique opportunity that the LSU campus community has offered to students to make a huge difference in someone’s life.”

Sheridan Mueller, a donor, stated; “I’m so glad Be The Match has given me the opportunity to potentially save someone’s life.”

Becoming a donor or volunteering for an event like this could change the lives of so many people. Not only is Kelley changing other’s lives; she has changed her own by being able to make an impact on others.

img_5489Become a donor at

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