A Time of Restoration

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church continues to help its members recover from recent Louisiana flooding.

According to The Advocate,  approximately 110,000 homes were affected by the flood; 140 of these families are members of Shiloh.

“Shiloh is a church that is 144 years old and has had 4 pastors. It started it in Spanish Town and just kept going; the church has 1,800 members that span 4-5 generations”, said volunteer and member of Shiloh, Patsy Wilkerson, in a recent interview.

Shiloh was one of many churches and volunteer organizations who poured into the Baton Rouge community to aid in the flood aftermath.

The church was able to provide clothing, backpacks, plastic containers, cleaning supplies, cases of water, wipes, diapers, and many more of the essentials lost during the flood.

For eight weeks, the church provided hot meals for anyone who walked in and even delivered meals to its members that are unable to travel.

Much like many other volunteer organizations, Shiloh also provides moving and gutting assistance, and continues to help spray homes for mold. A few weeks ago, the church organized its members and members of the community for a community-wide outreach where more than 95 homes were successfully gutted and sprayed for mold.

The church set up workstations and assisted survivors in registering with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, F.E.M.A., and emergency food stamps. They provide housing, transportation, and even monetary donations to members of their congregation.

Shiloh is still accepting cleaning supplies and is expecting a  supply truck containing, “mops, brooms, buckets, and lots of bleach”, said Patsy Wilkerson.

Their clothing drive, however, has been closed and the remaining items will be sent to Haiti to aid in their relief.

In their efforts to restore the community, Shiloh “will continue to stay connected to our members. We call them once a week and have an updated list of where they are living.”

Shiloh plans to further its restoration efforts during the holiday season as well and will   match flood survivors with other members of the church for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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