A “Mild-Liberal’s” view on abortion

Kelly Ward, 20, refers to America as the “Land of the Free” when talking about her pro-choice views. She calls herself a “mild-liberal”, explaining that she has her beliefs but doesn’t try to shove them in people’s faces.

Like many other people in America, Ward believes a woman has the rights to her own body and those right should be legal. She spoke about reading incidents where women had to choose abortion because of possible death to herself or the unborn baby.

Ward also acknowledges that abortion, especially when based on non-life-or-death situations, is an extremely controversial subject. She was even a little uncomfortable answering questions about the issue. She said, “Abortion to me is the most controversial political subject of them all.”

When asked about Clinton’s proposal for allowing abortion up to 36 weeks,  Ward said that the thought of ending a life is devastating, however she believes it should still be a legal right of the woman carrying. She did refer to the unborn baby as a “potential human life”.

A worrisome belief that is common is that if abortion is outlawed, women will only try to do it illegally if they really want to. Ward absolutely believes that this is possible, and it is one of her main reasons for being pro-choice. She said, “Though abortion is not a pretty process or a process that one should be proud of whatsoever, a homemade abortion process would be even more dangerous to the mother and potential baby and would be likely to kill the mother.”

When asked if she tries to convince people who are pro-life otherwise, Ward said that everyone has the right to their own opinions, especially in 2016 America. She disagrees with the protests and fights, and she believes abortion should be a touchy and uncomfortable subject for everyone.

Ward does not believe that if the period for allowed abortion is extended, more women will not participate than do today. She believes that no matter what their views, all women should be educated on proper birth control and the long, hard process of an abortion.

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