Florida Gators football team accused of mocking death of LSU’s live mascot

proxyUniversity of Florida players’ picture with a cat skeleton went viral when Louisiana State University fans became extremely offended.

LSU fans assumed the Gators were making fun of the death of Mike VI, LSU’s live tiger mascot.

When approached with the issue, UF officials stated that it was in no way affiliated with LSU or any other school, and that it was only a halloween prop thrown to the players by fans in the stands. LSU fans are arguing that the timing is all too coincidental, and that the cat in the photo is wearing purple and gold beads, LSU’s school colors.

Since the photo quickly went viral, the social media response was immediate. Most of the outcry was from LSU fans who were extremely angry with the post, calling UF classless and using the hashtag #trash.



Even non-LSU fans commented on the photo.



On the other hand, others claimed that LSU didn’t have any right to be offended by this, since they usually eat alligator as a meal before games against UF.



Whether or not the cat skeleton was really a jab against LSU, the upcoming LSU vs. UF game is now going to be even more intense. Who is going to come out on top of this rivalry? November 19th is the day that the game is scheduled for at Tiger Stadium.

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