Posts on media diversity

In class Thursday, you will do a writing exercise on media diversity. Choose at least one of these posts about diversity in media to read before class (you might want to read two related posts):

Philadelphia Daily News mistakes Simone Biles for Gabby Douglas

We need to talk about the atrocious media coverage at the Rio Olympics

Want to avoid an avalanche of social media hate? Try the Talese test

How news outlets are covering diversity at the Oscars leading up to Hollywood’s big night

If you’re female and running for president, you better be perfect

Black lives matter to the Post-Dispatch, but it’s mostly white reporters providing the coverage

The landmark case of Ludtke vs. Kuhn

Post management disputes Guild’s methodology on pay-gap analysis

Departed Post managing editor recruits minority journalists from former employer

Baton Rouge killing: Black Lives Matter protest photo hailed as ‘legendary’

A single photo from Baton Rouge that’s hard to forget

Diversity, strong editing and moving forward from the Shonda Rhimes furor


Why aren’t more women of color running U.S. newsrooms? (a video)

A larger issue than anyone imagined? Female and male journalists report sexual harassment in newsrooms

Oscar nominee Oprah Winfrey on why she eliminated the word ‘diversity’ from her vocabulary

Wonderful Olympics games are tarnished by media coverage that is often sexist and racist

Olympics coverage highlights sexist language in TV sports commentary

Hillary Clinton’s husband wore a fetching pantsuit to honor her nomination for U.S. president

Female athletes at the Olympics face sexism

Dear fellow white people …

How the media covered Michelle Obama’s house-that-was-built-by-slaves line

The story journalists are missing in Simone Manuel’s historic win

Olympic tennis star Andy Murray calls out media bias

Journalists of color wanted ‘black and brown’ answers from Hillary Clinton

Gabby Douglas’s lesson from the national anthem outcry: Conform or else

Gymnast Gabby Douglas resurrects the debate over how to act during the national anthem

220 years of census data prove race is a social construct

Driving while black can bring a lot of pain

The New York Times has created a newsroom-wide team for covering race

There’s a good reason protesters at the University of Missouri didn’t want the media around


MU student tell their stories of everyday racism

Doubling down on diversity

Why ethics and diversity matter: The case of Trayvon Martin coverage


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