Obama Takes His Final Trip as President

President Obama has one last promise to fulfill before his presidency comes to a close. Throughout Mr. Obamas presidency, he has made many efforts trying to fix reframe American foreign policy toward Asia. This trip will be his last available effort. While on this final trip, Mr. Obama will travel to Hawaii, Lake Tahoe, Midway Atoll, then and China.

In Lake Tahoe, Mr. Obama will speak about combating climate change. After the climate change summit, the president will fly to a small island, Midway Atoll, to speak about climate change once more and announce the expansion of the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument.

When Mr. Obama finally arrives in China, he will again discuss Climate Change and fulfill his promise of reframe the trade policy. Although Mr. Obama presidency is coming to end, the president is not done helping American yet.

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