Victim of Marine assault recovers as assailants serve sentences

“I knew what my fate was…I was going to be murdered,” Norman Early III recalls as he gives details to the court of the night of his brutal attack from three Marines.

Over in southern California, in September 2015, Early was onslaught as punishment for “sneaking around” with a Marine’s wife.

Early met Diana Reyes, wife of Marine Lance Cpl. Sergio Medina, back in 2012. Based upon what Early told police, their relationship was romantic though it had not yet been sexual.

The three assailants – Medina, Lance Cpl. Rodrigo Sanchez, and Lance Cpl. Leonardo Ortiz – recently “accepted a plea deal for a first-degree robbery”. Their initial charges, according to the Bakersfield Californian, accounted for various felonies totaling a maximum sentence of life in prison.

“Authorities said Early sustained an orbital fracture…and had numerous contusions to his head and body [with] marks around his neck and wrists.” The attack consisted of the Marines beating Early, zip-tying his limbs, and threatening to kill him, according to court documents.

The defense lawyers viewed this behavior as instinctual saying, “This man got what was coming to him…he knew he was having an affair with the wife of a Marine who was deployed fighting for his country overseas.”

However, the attack appeared to not have been escalated due to overwhelming emotion, yet  was pre-planned according to Medina’s testimony to police. Medina confessed to taking his wife’s phone in order to lure Early into his home, to assault him on the night of September 20, 2015. Medina’s Marine friends helped execute the plan.

While the Marine’s serve their time in prison, ranging from three to six-year sentences, Early recovers in his Californian home from physical and emotional trauma. According to the prosecutor’s remarks, Early plans to complete his schooling in order to be able to join the military.

The prosecutor tells the Washington Post, “They, [the three Marines], had everything going for them…to let something like this derail them from their career – was just stupid.”

Officials say the Marines were discharged from the Marine Corps, ultimately highlighting just how gruesome and dishonorable their actions were.

The original story came from Lindsey Bever at the Washington Post at:

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