Your first writing assignment

This assignment is due next Thursday, Sept. 1, by 12:30 p.m.

Your assignment is to choose a news story from some source of at least six paragraphs. Write down the facts in the story, then set the story aside. Your job is to write a new story from those facts. For the purposes of this exercise, the fact(s) in the first paragraph will not be the most important information for your audience (either because that news is old to them or because they care more about something else).

Write a new story from the facts in that story and post it to the class blog, noting (and linking to) the original story.

Send me an email noting when you’ve published your story on the class blog. Explain in the email who your audience is and anything else that might help me in grading your story (including any decisions not to follow AP style). The time stamp on your email will be the time you turned the story in, so be sure you email me before 12:30 p.m. Put “MC2010 assignment” in the subject line.

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